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The overall look of your curtains will be determined by your choice in fabric. There are a variety of benefits associated with each fabric in our range. Our in home consultant can help you decide which one will best achieve the desired outcome.


Cotton is a versatile fabric that can be used to achieve a range of styles. The use of lining compliments cotton curtains and ensures they hang and fall as desired.


Silk is a luxurious fabric best utilised for its aesthetic appeal, as opposed to functionality. We can help you decide where silk can enhance the feel of your room, and where another choice may be more practical.


Linen is a natural fabric and can be used to create an airy, relaxed environment. Linen is best used when curtains are made to pool on the floor using an abundance of material.


Polyester is versatile and functional, giving you the aesthetic you desire whilst retaining its colour, and shape for longer than many natural fibres.


Acrylic is a lightweight fabric, with a similar texture to wool. It drapes beautifully and provides great insulation. Acrylic attracts and disperses moisture effortlessly, is hypoallergenic, and resistant to moths and mildew.


Rayon is able to be woven with natural fibres to achieve a variety of textures. It is soft, strong and breathable and drapes beautifully.


Velvet adds glamour and richness to any room. It can be made from natural or synthetic fibres, and has a short dense pile. Its heavy weight gives it fantastic thermal properties.


Brocade is an elaborately woven fabric that can be used to create a sophisticated tone. 


Voile is a crisp,  open weave fabric that is best utilised for sheers. It gathers and drapes beautifully, creating a light, airy atmosphere. 

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