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Heading styles dictate how a curtain falls, changing the overall look and feel of the room. Whether you're looking for a sense of contemporary or traditional style, our in-home consultant can advise you on the ideal heading style for your home.

Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleated headings are regularly utilised to create a relaxed, classic drape. 

Super Pleat

Single Pleat

Classic, economical single pleat headings are ideal for small spaces and patterned fabric.


Double Pleat

Double Pleating can achieve a contemporary feel, whilst maintaining fabric efficiency. 


Triple Pleat

A Triple Pleat is the most formal of our heading styles. Triple Pleat uses more fabric than most creating an opulent full curtain.


Reverse Single Pleat

A Reverse Single Pleat  lends itself to a beautiful, minimalistic look; creating an illusion of fullness whilst requiring only minimal fabric.


Reverse Double Pleat

Paired with contemporary fabric the Reverse Double Pleat establishes  a clean, minimalistic  look.

New York

Paris Wave

The Paris Wave is a heading style designed by Russells. Paris Wave combines Inverted Pleat with a rounded front like a Wave Pleat. A little softer on the eye than Inverted with a little more fullness to the curtain.

Paris Wave

Eyelet Heading

Tailored with a European influence, Eyelets are threaded through the curtain rod to create a contemporary, wave-like effect.

curtains 2

Tab Top Pleats

Ideal for a decorative approach, the Tab Top curtain is the most simple of curtain systems.


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