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Also known as cellular shades, Honeycomb blinds due to their unique construction, have been called the designer’s alternative to double glazing – in that they keep your home warm in winter and cool in the warmer months. Russells Honeycomb blinds are made from anti-static spun bonded polyester which is easy to clean and dust resistant – great for asthmatics!

Available in a range of colour options, operating systems and specialty features, these blinds are durable, elegant and versatile. Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider hanging them in your home.


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Honeycomb blinds are made up of cellular (or honeycomb) shaped sections that trap air within the cells when they’re down, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year round reducing heating and cooling costs. Honeycomb blinds offer the highest level of energy efficiency when compared with any other window covering. Regardless of where in New Zealand you live, this makes honeycomb blinds a versatile and functional choice for your windows.

Safety and ease of use

Available in both 10mm and 20mm cell size options, Honeycomb blinds offer a range of operating systems including easy to use and child safe systems, shapes and the option of manual or motorised solutions. With the vast range of fabrics, Honeycomb blinds are in a league of their own and are the go-to blind when it comes to in rooms with high or skylight windows that would usually be left bare because other blind options are simply just not suitable or would require long cords or chains in order to operate them. 


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They make look delicate, but Honeycomb shades are made to last. The cords, rails and internal mechanisms are precisely engineered from the best quality materials, and the fabric is made from a hard wearing material called spun-bonded polyester - this means they will stay beautiful in your windows for many years to come. 

Discrete and functional

The backing of our Honeycomb blinds is white providing light reflection and UV protection, providing a neutral appearance from the outside while allowing colour on the shading inside the room. Either raised or lowered - Sleek, minimalistic and clean line are words that come to mind when describing these truly exceptional blinds. Available now in sheer, translucent and block-out fabrics, Honeycomb blinds are truly the ultimate in Blind design.


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20% off right now

This autumn, we’re taking 20% off all orders for honeycomb blinds. To find out just how they can enhance your lifestyle, simply get in touch today and book a free consultation at your convenience. Our team of professionals are more than happy to walk you through each option in the comfort of your own home and find the best solution.


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