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Sheers are easy to style and provide an airy, lightweight dressing for your windows that adds texture to the room. Their main benefit is the ability to diffuse light without losing visibility out the window. But there are plenty of other ways to make them an aesthetic feature as well as practical.


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Partner with curtains

You need a double curtain track or rod but hanging sheers behind your curtains offers privacy without blocking out light when the curtain is open during the day. It’s one of the easiest and most practical uses of sheers. It looks soft and elegant too.


Another popular combination for double tracks/rods is to have the sheer on the front track and a complimentary coloured lining on the back track. Modern day sheers or voiles (as they are also known as) come in a beautiful array of colours and designs. When paired with a complimentary coloured lining on the back track it will filter the light and give you daytime privacy whilst also providing night time privacy and warmth when the back linings are pulled closed. Simply stunning!


Not sure which curtains will suit your home? Get your free guide here and find out.


Partner with blinds

Sheers also work nicely with roller or Venetian blinds but unlike curtains, they need to go over the top of the blind. For this reason, the blind needs to be mounted in the inside of the window frame so as not to obstruct the sheer curtain.

Wall to wall sheers

A full wall of sheer curtains is so lush and elegant. Hung across a set of standard windows, it visually expands the room and softens a boxy layout’s hard edges. Used as a continuous backdrop in a room sheers allow light and shapes to filter through, tying the room together without completely hiding architectural features.


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Room dividers

This idea works best in both really big spaces or really tiny ones. Hanging sheers from the ceiling creates distinct and separate zones while still keeping the overall space cohesive because you can see through them and they don’t block light. Some ideas include:

  • Creating a dressing zone in a bedroom with no wardrobe
  • Dividing off a messy crafting or sewing area in the main living space
  • Making a blissful sleep-only area around your bed

Check out more inspiration on this home design blog

Give your windows a scarf

What’s a scarf? Think of a glamorous 1950s Hollywood starlet driving a convertible along the Californian coastline…what does she have around her neck, fluttering in the breeze? Now you’re starting to get a visual of what a window scarf looks like. It’s a long piece of sheer curtain fabric wound horizontally along the curtain rod, dipping in the middle and draping over the ends of the rod to keep it in place. You can have it slouching in the middle or with two or three twists and sags. A window scarf is a lovely way to add a decorative statement to windows that don’t really need covering, or paired with sheer panels to cover the windows if they do. There’s something terribly dreamy and chic about this look.

Dabble in colour

There’s no denying a crisp, white sheer curtain is a great way to go. But sheers come in different colours and sometimes also with a light pattern woven through them. Add in a wisp of colour via a sheer curtain to layer in some visual interest. Due to their transparency even sheers in quite a bold colour won’t be too overwhelming. 


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Different heading styles

The way you style the folds makes a difference to the appearance of your sheers. A gathered heading offers a soft, ample wavy effect. A pleated heading results in more structured lines and folds. 

Find more information on choosing and using sheer curtains in our recent blog. When it’s time to decide what you want, we have a range of sheer and light fabrics perfect for creating any of these looks. Get in touch with one of our style consultants and they’ll talk you through the best options for your home. 


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