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Any buying decision comes with advantages and disadvantages to each option that you must weigh up depending on the outcome you desire. Same goes for curtains and blinds. So let’s run through the different ways you can get them, and what each option has going for and against it.

Amazilia 25 LR

Custom-made by a professional curtain and blind specialist like Russells

PRO: LOTS of choice; Russells have over 3000 fabric options.

One of our in-home consultants comes to your home, will advise you of your options, and can often give you an estimate price by the end of the consultation.

Correct measurements will be taken by an expert.

They’ll be made in New Zealand at Russells’s own factory in Nelson. Your curtains will be lined properly to suit the functionality.

Once completed (which only takes around 3-4 weeks) they’ll be perfectly fitted in your home by one of our professional installers who will also show you the best way to use them to ensure longevity.

We can offer finance options so you don’t have to front up with the money all at once which you do with all the other options.

All our curtains and blinds have a 24 month warranty.

CON: This is possibly the more costly option.

Buy ready-made in store

PRO: This is almost definitely the least expensive way to curtain your home or purchase blinds. You could argue either way whether this option gives you lots of choice or a lack of it. If you’re prepared to shop around you’ll find plenty of different options out there.

CON: Measurement mishaps. You’re responsible for determining how big the curtains or blinds need to be; are sure you’re being accurate?

The best look for curtains is to hang them high and wide and you’re at the mercy of the manufacturer as to whether you can find ready-made panels that allow for this.

You’re also far more likely to come up against inconsistencies in something mass produced as opposed to something custom made with care and attention to detail. You also have to install them yourself.

Buy ready-made online

PRO: So convenient, browsing the internet from the comfort of home. You’ll enjoy an almost neverending selection depending on how much time you’re willing to dedicate to it.

Again, probably among the least expensive alternatives.

CON: You can never really know what they look like until they arrive. What if they’re not quite the colour you thought they’d be, or the texture of the fabric is all wrong?

Plus all the aforementioned measurement uncertainty and self-installation extras apply here too.

Buy your own fabric and have them custom-made by a seamstress or seamster

PRO: You can shop around for the perfect fabric. It’s debatable whether this makes it cheaper because it depends on what you end up choosing.

CON: Hard to know if this option is cost effective unless you shop around for quotes first, so it's under the CON section because that could be time-consuming.

You need to be so sure your measurements are correct because if you don’t buy enough fabric, disaster awaits. If you buy too much then you’ve spent more money than was necessary.

If anything goes wrong there’s little you can do to remedy the situation. Maybe you won’t have to pay for the service but where’s the relief in that seeing as the fabric has been paid for and now it’s of no use.

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