Curtains to dress up your windows

Are you thinking about redecorating, renovating or building? Russells will lift the appearance of your interior with handcrafted curtains. Get in touch for a free in-home consultation.

Window treatments are a fabulous way to show off your personal style from romantic, modern, casual or minimalist. The right pair of curtains can make a room more inviting, add colour and complete the room’s look and feel.

At Russells, we will work with you to help you select the right curtains or blinds to fit your windows, décor and budget. Our selection of samples is extensive with collections from all the leading local and international fabric houses. We also have a great range of tracks, rods and accessories.

Our finely crafted curtains and blinds are guaranteed for five years and designed to give your home the style it deserves.

Charles Parsons Emeka Collection Charles Parsons Emeka Collection.

Our selection of fabrics is extensive with ranges from all the leading local and international manufacturers. Curtains can add keep you warm in winter, reduce outside noise, create privacy, filter UV rays or block out light. It’s all in the combination of fabrics and lining.

Sheer curtains (Voiles)

Sheers have become popular in the last few years, they make a room feel light and open with a soft romantic appearance. Primarily installed to create privacy they also filter out glare and harsh UV rays, protecting soft furnishings from sun damage. They allow light into the room and allow you to see the view outside whilst making it difficult for others to see into the room.

Sheers are available in various designs and colours. You can change the whole mood of a room depending on the colour and density of the sheers. Reduce glare with darker shades, or make the room radiate with brighter colours.

Team sheers up with curtains for a more traditional look. Or use double track rods to allow you to open and close the sheers independently from the curtains. Alternatively you can run a block out lining behind the sheers so that the lining can be pulled back during the day. At night, the lining can be drawn for insulation, privacy and to block out light.

James Dunlop Sandy Bay Collection

James Dunlop Sandy Bay Collection


Nets are not as popular as they once were but we stock a great range to choose from. Generally fitted inside the window frame they provide protection for your soft furnishings and help reduce fading by reducing the harsh UV light.

Curtains for commercial projects

If you are working on a commercial project our dedicated commercial manager can help. We have been involved in a number of commercial projects throughout New Zealand including schools, hospitals, shop fit outs, hotels, motels, rest homes and large retirement villages.

Free in-home curtain consultation

We make it easy for you to choose curtains and blinds. No matter where you are, our mobile in-home consultants will come to you.

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