4 reasons to choose honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds get their name from their cellular nature, which looks a bit like a honeycomb. They come in various levels of opacity and translucency, in many different colours, with different cell sizes to choose from also. Here are four reasons you should choose honeycomb blinds:

Better insulation

Honeycombs are the best blinds for insulation because their cells have a pocket of air that acts as a barrier; they are not too dissimilar to how double glazing works.

Noise dampening

While honeycomb blinds won’t completely block sound, they will help to reduce it. Again it is similar to how double glazing dampens sound; sound ways do not carry well through that pocket of trapped air.

Russells light filter honeycomb blinds


Honeycomb blinds accordion up into a slim profile that can be easily hidden by the header rail. The smaller cell sizes may also be slim enough for you to fit the blind inside the window frame for an even more discrete look.

Innovative opening and closing

With honeycomb blinds you have the option to operate them the traditional way, lowering from the top down, or the opposite way – raising them from the bottom of the window upwards. This is an interesting option that allows you great privacy as the bottom of the window remains obstructed, but lots of natural light can still enter through the top of the window. You may also choose to have both at the same time so you can have your blind covering the middle portion of the window.

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