Honeycomb blinds


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All honeycomb blinds’ have a unique cellular design that offers a sleek look whether raised or lowered. Our light filter and blockout versions trap pockets of air to help maintain a consistent indoor temperature, while our Sheer option filters light and reduces glare, while maintaining your privacy.

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Cell size

Our honeycombs come in three different cell sizes: 10mm cell blinds are compact and suit small windows while the 20mm cell honeycomb blinds are available in more operating systems to suit your needs. For the greatest heat-saving benefits, choose our Double cell blinds with side-by-side pockets of air.

Dining room with table and chairs with Russells Honeycomb Blinds on windows


Bottom-up lifting is the traditional operation where the bottom of the blind is raised and lowered. But with honeycomb blinds, you have more options! Top-down blinds are fixed at the bottom of the window so you can cover the lower half for privacy and let light in the top. Or choose the versatility of both and have your blind covering the middle portion of the window.

Russells Honeycomb Blind

Operating systems

Choose from standard cord operation; cordless, which operates by simply moving the bottom bar to position the blind; or the clutch system, which minimises the amount of cord (good for large blinds). We also offer motorised operation and a day/night option (for privacy at any time) controlled by one centre rail.

Lounge setting with large Russells Honeycomb blinds

Inside or outside mount

Fitting your blinds inside the window frame is recommended for optimal insulation and offers the cleanest look, but your window recess needs to be deep enough. Fitting the blind outside and just above the frame is practical and flexible, suiting just about any window.

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Regulate temperature or filter light and reduce glare; we have a honeycomb blind option for all needs.

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Dining room with table and chairs with Russells honeycomb blinds on large window


Let light in, block it out, keep your home warm and dampen noise – we have a honeycomb blind for your needs.


Our darkest option and great for added insulation, blockout blinds are ideal in bedrooms and media rooms.


A daytime blind that softens light to create a gentle mood, while maintaining outdoor views.


Not quite see-through and diffuses light while protecting from UV.


Two blinds in one with your combination choice of a blockout with either a sheer or light filtering blind.

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Expert advice

To get the look and function you want, our consultants guide you through which type of blind, materials, and hanging styles you need, and take accurate measurements.

Custom-crafted with care

Most of our blinds are custom-made by us here in New Zealand with a few custom-made by our partner manufacturers, who have been chosen with care to meet our standards.

Professional installation

Once your blinds are made, we have a professional team trained to install them to ensure they fit, hang and operate just right. They will also show you best practice for using them.

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