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The new (old) Scandi

A minimalist style, inspired by nature, the Scandi look has been a popular choice with the 1950s and is commonly associated with the adjacent mid century modern style. However, with the increasing popularity of maximalism in recent years a key part of the original Scandi design is coming back around – the need for cosiness!

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Styled for maximum hygge

Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) roughly translates to cosiness and is a big part of the new Scandinavian style. For a region that endures long dark winter months each year, having a warm, cosy space is key. Things like textured cushions and pillows, warm wooden tones, and bright colours are all common ways to add hygge to a space.

TIP: Soft furnishings like pillows and throws and an ideal way to add cosiness and ‘try out’ some colours in a neutral space.

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Retro meets modern meets cosy

Often associated with the mid-century modern style of wooden furniture with curved lines and natural tones, the new Scandi is bringing back even more retro elements. Geometric patterns inspired by the 60s and 70s, combined with texture and a more interesting colour palette are the perfect combination of retro, modern and cosy.

TIP: If your adding bold colours to your mostly beige Scandi palette, choose primary colours like red and blue for a traditional look or for a retro look, add in brown, orange and yellow.

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Simple, functional, interesting

While the new Scandi is leaning more into the maximalism of the 2020s, there will always be a key element of simplicity at the heart of Scandinavian style. Soft neutrals and natural wooden elements with functional (or even multifunctional) furniture and a simplified approach to bric-a-brac and décor make for the perfect back drop for your bold art prints or brightly coloured pillows.

TIP: Start with a practical, functional room that meets your needs and then look for opportunities to add personality through furnishings and décor.

Fabric Inspiration

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