There’s lots to consider when choosing curtains and blinds for children’s rooms. We hope you find this page helpful in making the right choices to create a good sleeping environment and have fun with colours and patterns.

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Kid bedroom with tpee and cot with sheer curtain fabric - Maurice Kain Intaglio Mist


If your child’s room is exposed and can be seen by neighbours or from the street, consider a double roller blind (a combo of blockout and sunscreen or light filter blind) or hang a sheer curtain behind the blockout curtains to maintain privacy during the day.

Close up of curtain fabric - Villa Nova Picture Book Yuval Zommer Apple and Pears

Health & safety

Cordless operation is a must, whether you choose curtains or blinds; our Zero Gravity and Fast Rise blockout roller blinds are ideal. For children who suffer allergies, choose blinds or lightweight curtains as thicker fabrics collect more dust and particulates. And consider shorter curtains if you’re concerned about your kids pulling on or playing with them.

green brown and white monkey tree pattern curtains in modern childrens room on white walls


Heading styles refers to the way the curtain is sewn at the top. This affects the way it gathers and drapes. The width, depth and separation of the waves of a curtain can really change the overall look and feel of your room. Our consultants can help your choose the right one to get the look you want.

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Once your curtains are made, we have a professional team trained to install them to ensure they fit and hang just right. They will also show you best practice for using them.


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