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Create an impression of height or cover large areas like full length windows or sliding or bi-fold doors. Vertical blinds offer privacy and light control, simply tilting the vanes to change how much light and its directionality.

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Large window with Russells Vertical blinds next to coffee table and lamp

Unusual window shapes

Vertical blinds are good for angled/slanted windows. Because the slats/vanes hang from the top without a solid attachment at the bottom, they self-adjust to hang straight up and down no matter if they’re open, closed or drawn or pulled back.

Bottom of vertical blinds

Doors and side-hinged windows

Vertical blinds offer easier access to the handle of side-hinged windows. If you have a sliding door or French or bi-fold doors, verticals are a very good option for the least obstructed access because they stack neatly lengthways to the side/s.

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Locally made in our factory, our blind makers pay attention to small details and combine the best of precise hand skills with technology to create quality custom-made blinds.

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Once your blinds are made, we have a professional team trained to install them to ensure they fit, hang and operate just right. They will also show you best practice for using them.

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