Enjoy natural light without the glare. Our light filter roller blinds are made from materials midway between translucent and opaque. This makes them a good choice for rooms where bright light and sun can make it uncomfortable or you want the extra degree of privacy without having to block out the windows, such as in rooms close to other dwellings, concrete or the street front. There’s even the option of motorisation for easy and safe operation.

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Window with Russells Roller Light filter blinds and curtain over the top with chair in front

Pair with curtains

Use a light filter roller blind to filter light during the day then close the curtains for darkness at night. An opaque and lined fabric is best in this scenario as anything more translucent would still let in a lot of light and you’d be visible at night.

Russells Roller Light filter Whiteright

Inside or outside mount

Fitting your blinds inside the window frame offers the cleanest look, but your window recess needs to be deep enough. Fitting the blind outside and just above the frame is practical and flexible, suiting just about any window.

Dual roller blings behind couch with cushions

Double roller blinds

Double roller blinds combine a light filter or sunscreen roller blind with a blockout roller for a full range of light control. One allows you to filter light in the room without the glare during the day, while the blockout blind rolls down for privacy and dark at night.

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Once your blinds are made, we have a professional team trained to install them to ensure they fit, hang and operate just right. They will also show you best practice for using them.

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