5 curtain fabrics to style any modern room

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When it comes styling a room, the curtains you hang play a key role in realising the overall look you want. In this day and age, looking modern and contemporary is easy as using a handful of colours and textures that complement each other, with a couple of stand-out features to bring life into the space. So, if you’re looking at using curtains to update your home, here are five fabric options worth considering:


Because of the variety of geometric designs available, there’s a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing the right set. Repeating patterns create structure that can be introduced into any room. And while bold designs can bring a vibrant contrast to the space, softer, intricate patterns can frame a room and let your furniture do the talking.

One example of a bold pattern that works well in modern spaces is Tangent by James Dunlop. Set against a coloured wall or used to frame a room with some deep-coloured cushions or rugs, it stands out and allows you to complement it with a range of furniture.

Potential replacement fabrics:



Tangent by James Dunlop


If you feel that a geometric design may be a little too bold, for a room that’s pared back yet still contemporary consider using a botanical fabric. In neutral, subtly-coloured rooms furnished with a few pieces, introducing some colour with botanic designs are a simple and effective way to create a warm, natural finish.

The Anya range by Maurice Kain are great neutral options that introduce subtle texture into your home, perfect for a laid-back feel.

Anya Spring by Maurice Kain


Another option for contemporary spaces with a few neutral pieces are textured fabrics. Available in a number of styles, their tactile nature allows you to use soft colours that match the rest of the room without looking plain or boring. For something a little bolder, deeper fabric options also look great in modern spaces with dark carpets and exposed concrete floors.

Broadway by James Dunlop is a great example of how a neutral texture can be used to bring life into a space that has a number of similar shades. By using a couple of contrasting cushions, it’s easy to use a fabric that matches the walls and upholstery while maintaining a contemporary feel.


Broadway Gravel by James Dunlop

Single colours

The possibilities when it comes to single colours are endless. Whether your walls are dark, light or pattered with wallpaper, there’s no fabric solution that we can’t offer. For a modern look, we recommend choosing a colour that’s vibrant; contrasting the wall colour and matching something elsewhere in the room to tie everything together.

Take Silk Road by James Dunlop for example. By pairing it with some similar-coloured cushions on a neutral couch with modern furnishing, it’s possible to create a space that remains modern with only a couple of colours. Should you decide to update your style with new curtains, it’s as easy as picking a new colour and a couple of new cushions to match.


Silk Road Pumpkin by James Dunlop


Nowadays, many modern rooms are painted white or some similar neutral tone. When it comes to styling for this look, embrace the neutrality and consider stripes to add some volume to the room. Vertical stripes make a room feel taller while horizontals make narrow rooms feel wide. And although it’s important to think about how they will hang when they’re rippled, adding some subtle colour with a few natural pieces do a great job at turning any stark or bland space into a cozy room.

Latitude by Maurice Kain uses stripes and subtle texture to bring a few colours into any room, making it a great option for neutral walls. Pairing this fabric with a grey or white wall lets the curtains complement the tone without being too bold.

While these five fabrics can elevate any modern space, they’re only a fraction of the vast range our consultants recommend daily. If you’d like one to talk you through every option in the comfort of your own home, book a free consultation today.

Latitude Horizon by Maurice Kain

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