8 reasons to get in touch with a Russells consultant

Wendy Roberts
Written by Wendy Roberts
Russells Consultant
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So you’ve decided on getting new curtains and blinds. Congratulations, your place is going to look great! Here are 8 really good reasons why going with a Russells consultant is the right move:

They come to you

No matter where you are in New Zealand we can come to you; our consultants are located up and down the country and they’ll visit you in your home. This is important because as you’re going through your choices it’s good to be able to hold the fabric up to the wall to get an idea of how it looks against your walls. Meet the team and find your local style consultant

Fabric choices galore

Your local Russells style consultant will come to your home armed with an abundance of fabric samples to choose from. Whether you have an idea already about what you want, or need some inspiration, our knowledgeable team can give you all the advice you need in helping you pick the perfect fabric for your curtains and/or blinds.

Expert measurements

It’s essential the measurements are spot on. Your style consultant has lots of experience in taking measurements and also knows how much extra to add if you’re wanting to go for a breaking or pooling hanging style.

Russells in-home consultations

Advice picking the right thing for each room

Depending on the room, you may want a certain performance from your curtains and blinds. For example, in bedrooms it’s really important to block our light and be well insulated, whereas in a bathroom you need an option that’s going to stand up to the moisture. All the things you may or may not have considered, a Russells style consultant will be sure to know and will point out your options.

Choose the right insulation

Lining ensures you get the most efficient solution for your curtains and blinds. Linings can be used to insulate for warmth, block out light and reduce noise. We have a comprehensive range of linings that will work with any environment and your style consultant will be able to advise you on what you need.

Track and rod options

Curtains can be greatly enhanced by selecting the right track or rod system. Again, we have a range to suit your style, including automated curtains, and your style consultant will be able to guide you through your options.

Advice on heading styles

This is another area in which the expertise and guidance of your style consultant is invaluable. Curtain headings and pleats determine the curtain volume and fullness, and influence the overall feel and style of the room. We craft our curtain headings to suit your room and chosen fabric, and have a vast range of pleating options available.


Our style consultants LOVE what they do so the give every project lots of enthusiasm and their full attention to detail. You’ll really enjoy working with them.

Can’t wait to get started choosing your curtains and blinds? Click here to book your free in-home consultation.

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