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P47719 Russells Blog Choosing the perfect fabric Feature

Choosing the perfect fabric for your minimalistic room

Styling a minimalistic room brings a sense of simplicity and calm into any home. Whether it’s the texture of the fabric or the colours you choose to create a certain atmosphere, here are a few ways our curtains can add to a room and bring it together while still staying true to your minimalist stylings.

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P47719 Blog Image decorating with shutters Feature image 1

What looks good with shutters - 7 décor ideas to accentuate your shutters

Shutters are a sophisticated alternative to blinds, giving your home a wee touch of the genteel.  If you think shutters are for you, here are some ways you can add to your décor in a way that really makes them stand out.

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P47719 Blog Image Sheer style Feature

Sheer style - A spotlight on making the most of sheer curtains

Sheers are easy to style and provide an airy, lightweight dressing for your windows that adds texture to the room. But there are plenty of other ways to make them an aesthetic feature as well as practical. Lets take a look at what some of these are.

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P47150 Blog Image Feature4

Your venetian blinds styling guide

Venetian blinds have stood the test of time as a functional and stylish choice for your home. Let’s have a look at how you can optimise your Venetians to create a really stylish décor feature.

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P47150 Blog Image Feature

Winter decor warmers - 8 ways to up your cosiness levels

Creating warmth and cosiness within your home can be done using practical methods and through its aesthetic. Check out our 8 interior additions or alterations you can make to create a luxe and lovely place to be in winter.

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P47150 Blog Image feature

4 common curtain mistakes you can easily avoid

We’ve seen good curtains. We’ve seen GREAT curtains. We’ve also seen some shockers. Not just a style accessory, curtains serve a purpose and some of these common yet avoidable mistakes can ruin them for both. Keep reading so you’re prepared to make the best decisions when choosing curtains.

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