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Pick up liners: Why you should be lining your curtains

While there are so many options to choose from - the sure-fire way to maximise your curtains’ primary purpose is to line them. Check out some different lining options available that can ensure you find the right solution for your space.

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The x-factor? What about the b-factor: How blinds can transform a room

Light-cancelling and warmth-keeping, blinds need not be a necessity - they are also decor delights, blank canvases with the power to transform your interior space. Here is some inspiration for those looking at how to transform their space with a fresh set of blinds.

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5 ways to make a colour statement in a white room

Predominantly white or minimalistic décor is a popular look. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo any colour at all to keep the room looking, clean, simple and stylish. Whether you like your colour light and delicate or bold and exciting here are 5 ways to sprinkle it into your room to achieve a great effect.

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The best ways to use blinds and curtains

Curtains or blinds? Why not curtains AND blinds! Not only can you use both in the same room on separate windows, you can also use them together on the same window to great affect. Here’s how…

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Stop your curtains getting damp and mouldy

It’s time to bid farewell to summer for another year and start facing the reality that soon it’s going to be cold and damp for a while. As we enter those colder months and condensation appears on the windows, we thought it was a good time to share some tips on preventing mould and mildew growing on your curtains.


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Prepping for an energy efficient winter

For most of us, having an ‘energy efficient’ home means reducing the amount of electricity we use to run it. As we head into cooler months and the need to warm our homes becomes prevalent, we’ve put together some advice on how to enjoy a nice warm home without having to rely on consuming lots of electricity over winter.


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