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P44550 How to clean curtains feature

How to clean your curtains

Cleaning instructions for curtains differ depending on the fabrics used and whether they are lined or unlined so if yours have a cleaning instruction label, follow these directions. If not, here are our professional tips on curtain cleaning.

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P44550 Blinds for large windows feature

Choosing blinds for large windows

Large windows can bring grandeur to a home, offering beautiful views and allowing in plenty of natural light. However choosing the right blinds can be challenging. Here are some important things to consider.

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P44550 Choosing bedroom curtains feature

Choosing the best curtains for bedrooms

When choosing the right curtains for bedrooms there are several factors to take into consideration: what the room is used for, how often and by whom, as well as the aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve. 

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P44550 Best blinds for conservatories Feature

Best blinds for a conservatory

A number of factors need to be considered when choosing blinds for a conservatory. As well as looking good and fitting in with the rest of your home décor, blinds in a conservatory have a real, practical use. Here are some tips to help.

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P44550 Choosing sheers Feature

Choosing and using sheer curtains

Light and airy,  sheer curtains are highly functional with the ability to filter and diffuse light during the day while retaining privacy. Here are some tips on using them in your home.

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5 reasons to choose roller blinds for your home

Roller blinds are a practical and popular option for many New Zealand homes.  Find out which options work best for different areas of your home.

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