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Keeping your home warm with thermal blinds and curtains

Now that winter is well and truly upon us, it’s easy to tell whether your home is ready for the months ahead. And if you’re thinking that blankets and a new heater are the solutions that will get you through then it’s well worth considering thermal-lined blinds or curtains. 

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Curtain and Roman blind trends for Winter 2019

As the days get shorter and winter’s icy blast is felt, it’s becoming more important to think about how our homes are places we want to feel warm and comfortable inside. One way to increase the comfort level of your home is the right set of curtains  or Roman blinds. By combining some of the fabrics we have available with a thermal lining, you’re able to style any room with a treatment that works just as great as it looks. 

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Queenstown Spotlight: A range of window coverings in a new build

 Recently, we were given the opportunity to consult, plan and install a range of products throughout a stunning new Queenstown build. Identifying just how the homeowners wanted to live in their home formed the basis of our product recommendations; where we used at least three different treatments in key areas to help enhance their lifestyle. 

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5 Reasons to choose honeycomb blinds

5 Reasons to choose honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds due to their unique construction, have been called the designer’s alternative to double glazing. Available in a range of colour options, operating systems and special features, these blinds are durable, elegant and versatile. Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider hanging them in your home.

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How to tell your blinds need replacing

How to tell your blinds need replacing

 Being able to tell when your blinds need the same treatment provides an opportunity to freshen your home, get the style you want and the functionality you need. So, whether you’re renovating, restyling or just considering your options, here’s what you should be looking out for when it comes to blinds.

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How to tell it’s time to replace your curtains

While some indications are more obvious than others, realising it’s time to get new curtains can be an opportunity to restyle your home the way you want, tie your current style together or fix problems you may not have even considered. So, here's a few signs that may mean it’s time to replace them.

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