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Blog Sound proofing bedrooms feature

How to soundproof your bedroom

Whether you want to minimise noise coming from outside or stop it travelling around inside the home, here are some of the easiest ways to soundproof your bedroom.

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Blog Shutters feature

Shutters - everything you need to know

Most things cycle in an out of trend, and shutters are on the way back up again. If you’re considering shutters for your home, here is an overview of all the different types and things you need to know. 

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The benefits of Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a hybrid of a curtain and a blind. They’re flexible, practical and stylish. Here are some benefits of choosing Roman blinds for your home.

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6 reasons to choose custom-made curtains

If you’re considering installing curtains in your home, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether you’d prefer to buy ready-made curtains or have them custom-made especially for your home. Here are 6 reasons to choose the latter.

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Top tips for decorating your spare room

A guest bedroom can be a great space when well decorated and used smartly. Here are some top tips for decorating your spare room.

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The best blinds for modern homes

Simple, clean, functional – when thinking about modern homes, these are the words we think of.  So, when choosing blinds to suit your contemporary aesthetic, what works best?

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