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Curtains and/or blinds - you've decided what you want, now what?

Once you’ve decided what you want – curtains and/or blinds - and in what room…what happens next? Where do you get them? How much do they cost? What options do you have to enhance your choice? 

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12 simple ways to refresh and update your home

If your home is looking and feeling a bit dated and you’d like to give it a revamp the good news is there are plenty of ways to bring your home up to date. Check out our 12 ways to refresh and update your home. 

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The best curtain and blind options for corner windows

Not every home has windows conveniently placed right in the middle of a wall. Many homes have windows near the corners of rooms. Find out your options for choosing curtains and blinds for corner windows. 

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How to reduce heat loss through windows

Here are some ways to ensure you’re doing everything you can to reduce the amount of heat loss through your windows.

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6 reasons to choose custom-made blinds

Here are 6 reasons to choose custom-made blinds for your home. 

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Things that affect the style your curtains

If you think curtains are just curtains and they’re all the same, you’re very mistaken. Here are the various things that can dramatically alter how your curtains look.

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