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What to consider when selecting curtain fabric

When choosing curtain fabric, you’ll need to consider how you want them to perform as well as how you want them to look. Here are the main things to consider, plus an update on some new fabric releases. 

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8 reasons to get in touch with a Russells consultant

From abundance of fabric samples, free in-home style consultation and expert advice on heading styles, insulation and more, here are 8 really good reasons to choose  Russells Curtains & Blinds.

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Coordinating curtains with your furniture

Furniture colour and style should be considered when choosing curtains for your home. Here are some tips to matching your curtains with brown or wooden furniture.

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Coordinating curtains with your wall colours

Given that walls and window treatments sit side by side, it’s imperative the colours harmonise with each other to achieve that beautiful and cohesive look. Here are some tips to guide you along.

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Which blinds provide the best insulation?

The reason we lose so much heat out windows is because glass is a poor insulator. It’s well accepted that a good way to reduce heat loss out your windows during the colder months is to invest in good quality curtains and blinds. 

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Curtains and/or blinds - you've decided what you want, now what?

Once you’ve decided what you want – curtains and/or blinds - and in what room…what happens next? Where do you get them? How much do they cost? What options do you have to enhance your choice? 

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