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6 reasons to choose custom-made blinds

Here are 6 reasons to choose custom-made blinds for your home. 

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Things that affect the style your curtains

If you think curtains are just curtains and they’re all the same, you’re very mistaken. Here are the various things that can dramatically alter how your curtains look.

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How to use your new home build budget wisely

Building a new home is a big investment so you want to get it perfect. Here are a few tips on where your budget could be best used, how to get the most out of it, and things commonly missed when budgeting for a new home build.

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Which type of blinds for what rooms of the home?

Choosing blinds sound simple, right? Measure windows, pick a colour and you’re done. Not quite.  Find out which type of blinds work best in which rooms of your home.

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Choosing curtain colours for white walls

The fabric you choose for your curtains can totally transform your space. Here are our top picks for curtains when decorating a white room. 

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Things that can affect the style of your blinds

There are so many things that factor into your decision of which blinds to choose for your home.

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