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Can curtains and blinds block out noise?

Sadly, no, not completely. But they can help to reduce it. As far as curtains and blinds go to make things quieter, if you’re looking to significantly reduce noise you will need to opt for the thickest, heaviest fabric you can, such as velvet or wool. 

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Are curtains or blinds best for sliding glass doors?

Nothing brings indoor/outdoor flow to a room better than big, expansive sliding glass doors. They offer beautiful views, easy ventilation and allow plenty of natural light into a room. 

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How much do curtains and blinds cost?

There’s actually a sub question to this which is, ‘how much extra could it cost to not have good curtains and blinds?’ Let’s touch on that first.

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How and where are curtains supposed to hang?

Beautiful curtains add so much to the look of a room. But the real key to how good they look is how you hang them.

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What type of blinds are best for bathrooms?

When it comes to window treatments for your bathroom, blinds and shades are your most practical option. Here are a few tips on what you should you look for when it comes to style and material.

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Home trends this spring

Here’s the spring trend scoop for those who love to splash colour about. This season it's about big messy blooms and strong bold prints. 

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