Best blinds for a conservatory

Conservatories and sunrooms are north-facing rooms often made entirely of glass (ceiling included) or at least featuring three walls of large windows. More than any other room in the home, here you’ll experience the brightest sun and most extreme temperature fluctuations. That’s why we think honeycomb blinds, rollers, shutters, aluminium venetians and verticals will perform best. Here’s what we considered in choosing them:

Fabric or hard materials?

With so much glass this room will experience higher levels of condensation. With that in mind, perhaps fabric is not the ideal choice as prolonged exposure to moisture may cause mould to grow. This room also gets extreme sun exposure which can fade fabrics and turn some hard materials brittle, so be sure to invest in quality hardware.


In the peak of summer there could be times when it is too hot to be in this room. You still need to try and cool it down though or that heat will transfer into the rest of the home. The same goes in reverse for winter and the cold.

Easy operation

Simply because there will be multiple blinds in this room, consider something that isn’t difficult to use.


Conservatories don’t just have glass windows they also have glass doors. Curtains and vertical blinds are the best window furnishings to cover sliding glass doors, which you can read about in our blog. Similar advice would apply for bi-fold, French doors or even a standard door; access to open the door is your key concern.

Russells blinds


Let’s run through the best options:

Honeycomb blinds

  • The best blinds for insulation
  • Excellent for glass ceilings and skylights
  • Blockout and translucent sunscreen available for light and privacy control
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Open from the bottom up, top down or both


  • Very good heat deflection in summer and insulation in winter
  • Control light, air flow and privacy
  • Very stylish
  • Available in sliding panels

Roller blinds

  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Can isolate individual windows to cut down on direct light if it’s too hot or bright
  • Blockout and sunscreen roller blinds available for insulation and light and privacy control

Aluminium venetian blinds

  • Tolerates heat better than wood and PVC venetians
  • Excellent light and privacy control
  • Won’t discolour or fade
  • Not the best at insulating

Vertical blinds

  • Excellent light and privacy control
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Good over sliding doors
  • Possible to have them on a curved rail to run seamlessly around the room
  • Not the best at insulating

Russells blinds

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