Choosing blinds for dark walls

Opting for darker or bolder wall colours will create anything but a boring space. Done correctly, they bring a warm and cosy feel that you can accent with furnishings and artwork, and many will attest that it isn’t as imposing at you might think. When it comes to finding the right blinds for dark walls, here are a few suggestions from our style consultants to help you make a choice you’ll love.

Wooden venetians

Especially if you have wooden furniture, the darker stain on wooden venetians creates a dramatic contrast. If you have reservations about dark walls being overpowering, opting for natural wood as a blind option will bring a great deal of warmth into the space. They also do a great job of allowing you to adjust the level of privacy and light exposure your room gets. So, if you’re concerned that your walls may fade quicker, remember that venetians allow you to control how much light gets in.

Russells blinds

Geometric patterned romans

Opting for roman blinds gives you access to countless colours, textures and patterns that can be used throughout your home, but one of the advantages with geometric patterns is that you can choose them according to your taste and the effect you want them to have. Choosing a bold pattern against a dark wall allows you to furnish the room with a pared back style, while a subtler and more intricate pattern can have the opposite effect.

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Floral roman blinds

Another popular option that brings a more natural feel than geometric patterns is the use of botanical or floral patterns. Much like geometrics, the possibilities are seemingly endless and there is no boundary to your creativity. Botanical fabrics are also available in a number of colours and textures that can add contrast, accent or depth easily.

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