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The fabric you choose for your curtains can totally transform your space. Here are our top picks for curtains when decorating a white room. 

Keep it simple

White on white proves that less is more, the trick is keeping it light, clean and inviting. You don’t want to go overboard and end up with a sterile space. White curtains are much less likely to get stained than couches, so it is an easy way to introduce soft white fabric if you have a young family. Keep it simple and allow natural light in by using sheer curtains for a soft flowing look. Aesop by Warwick fabrics in Parchment is a great linen polyester mix that gives you the best of both worlds when looking for a white sheer.

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White Sheers Pinterest


Soften up your white with texture, fabrics have lots of different qualities when it comes to texture. The rough fibres of cotton, linen and wool create a natural feel, while velvet and silk are smooth. Woven tone on tone fabrics such as chevron and herringbone are a great way to layer neutrals throughout the room. Taylor by James Dunlop is a woven herringbone with a wool look. It comes in a range of neutral autumn colours that work to add warmth to any room.

Go dark and stormy

One of the most popular interior looks at the moment is dark curtains combined with a white interior. Dark curtains provide contrast and create a focal point for the room. The more neutral the room the more the dark curtains stand out, creating a versatile black and white background that is timeless. If you are afraid of black go for a darker shade of blue or charcoal. A great option is Haiti by Villa Nova in either Agapanthus or Heron.


Dark drapes Pinterest


To get the best of both worlds choose a double track, allowing you to have a two layered approach. This is great for creating a cosy feel during winter, with heavy dark drapes for insulation, then as the seasons change pull them back to reveal light sheer curtains for summer.

Have fun with colour & pattern

Inject vibrancy into a white room with a pop of colour in the curtains. Block coloured fabric is a simple way of adding colour that doesn’t need to be too dramatic. If you are looking for inspiration check out Pantone’s Colour of Year. There were actually two of them for the first time ever, Rose Quartz & Serenity. Both calming colours, they’re a great starting point for introducing colour when decorating an all-white room. Get the look with Celeste by Mokum in Rose Quartz or Glacier.


Rose Quartz Pinterest


If you are feeling bold a patterned curtain can add an unexpected element to an all white interior. The Lotta Jansdotter collection by Ashley Wilde combines simple Scandinavian style with organic pattern designs. From bright apple, orange and aqua to more neutral colours, these fabrics pack a punch when combined with a white interior.


CP Lotta5


If you love patterns but don’t want to make a bold statement, go for a small, neutral print, or try an ombre fabric like Aquis from Unique Fabric, available in Inkwash, Pool or Quill.


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