Choosing curtains for a grey room

The curtain fabric you choose can totally transform your room. Grey is often trending as a wall colour, it’s modern and edgy yet timeless and classic, making it a well rounded choice. Here are our top picks for curtains when decorating a grey room.

Patina Haze by James Dunlop

Embrace the undertone

Identify the underlying hue of the grey and compliment it with matching curtains. Grey has two main undertones: warm which ranges from reds to purples, and cool which has a blue base. Greys with a green base can be a bit trickier and can appear cool or warm depending on the hue.

Grey and pale blue have always been a team. The colours are similar in tone making them perfect for those who don’t embrace bright colours, giving a sophisticated and subdued feel.

Create this cool, calming look with Pegasus fabric Liberty in the colour Glacier and Resene Scarpa Flow. The Liberty range of fabrics have a number of neutral colours that will match tone on tone with greys, such as Dove, Mineral, Larkspur and Cinder.

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Soft and subtle

Keep it neutral by combining white with soft grey. Resene Half Iron is the perfect grey to create a light bright, neutral base complimented by white. This simple look compliments natural wood and copper accents. For versatility it is hard to beat the grey and white palette that is heavily embedded in Scandinavian interiors. This interior scheme is easy to update, allowing you to add coloured accessories easily changing the look and feel of the room on a limited budget.

For a grey bedroom, bright white bedding combined with crisp white curtains is a classic look that never dates. We recommend using a grey with a warm base so that the room doesn’t feel too cold. Combine with a natural fabric for the curtains such as linen to add texture and keep the room soft and inviting.

Tasman by James Dunlop Tallow

Let it sparkle

Create a cool luxurious feeling with soft greys, metallic and vintage tones. A satin fabric such as Couture by Mokum in Pewter or Dove creates an elegant grey on grey look. The fabric has the appearance of hammered stainless steel. This look is all about the use of layers and accessories to add warmth and interest to the room.

Use blush and jewel coloured accent fabrics for cushions and throws, layering in vintage vases and accessories. For additional Hollywood glamour don’t forget your furniture. Updating the upholstery to velvet will add texture and gloss. We recommend Vintage by Mokum to complete the look.

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