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When choosing the right curtains for bedrooms there are several factors to take into consideration: what the room is used for, how often and by whom, as well as the aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve. Let’s go over what you need to think about in a bit more detail.


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What the room is used for

Of the many things that are commonplace in bedrooms, sleeping is the room’s most important purpose and for that you need to consider blocking out light and reducing noise. 


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Opt for block-out lining to reduce natural light and UV rays. This lining also offers thermal and sound insulation properties, which are great for bedrooms. As far as curtain fabrics go, a medium to heavy fabric is best for blocking out light but they may not be the look you’re going for so don’t take that as a ‘must-have’. Also, hanging the curtain high, wide and down to the floor also improves light blockage.

What about letting light in? You don’t want the bedroom to be dingy during the day when the curtains are open. With this in mind, if your bedroom gets a lot of natural light you may want to consider a light coloured curtain to avoid fading.


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Unfortunately, short of buying expensive, specially engineered curtains, blocking out noise completely is not possible, but it can be reduced. It all comes down to absorbing the sound vibrations so the thicker and heavier the fabric, the better the result. As above, you may not want a weighty fabric so instead think about adding layers – have the curtains lined as well as perhaps adding a blind underneath. For more ideas, check out our blog on soundproofing bedrooms.  


If your room is exposed and can be seen by neighbours or from the street, consider hanging sheers/voiles behind your curtains to maintain privacy when your curtains are open. 

Whose room is it?

This matters because if it were a guest room then whilst minimal light and noise getting in would be a bonus it’s not essential as it’s only used on occasion; the curtains may even remain open for most of the time.

For the master bedroom, your own room, there may be a certain look and feel you’re going for that will force you to compromise on the two factors above.

And if it’s a child’s bedroom then blocking light and reducing noise become more important as it can be the difference between bedtime being simple or a struggle. For more on choosing curtains and blinds for kids’ bedrooms check out our recent article


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For a bright, ‘sunny’ vibe, go for an airy, lightweight fabric such as cotton or linen. To be more formal, heavier fabrics like velvet or something elegant like silk adds drama and a touch of romance. Because the bedroom is considered a low traffic room you can get away with these more dramatic fabrics that wouldn’t necessarily work as well in a living room.

Colour and pattern

Interestingly, when it comes to bedrooms people tend to be much more traditional in this room compared to others. Perhaps this is because colours and patterns to bold or bright can over-stimulate the brain when you’re trying to relax and ready yourself for sleep. Or perhaps it is because this room is that often, though not always, shared by both genders so the need to strike a balance of preference is needed.

The colour and pattern you choose will also be affected by the décor already in the room, including your bedding. Remember, this changes often but the curtains will remain the same so you need to opt for a look that complements all your bedding options.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful. If you need more info about choosing the right curtains for any part of your home, you’ll find everything you need to know in our helpful guide. Download your free copy now. 


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