Considering new curtains this spring?

Charmaine Ulberg
Written by Charmaine Ulberg
Russells Consultant
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Here’s everything you need to know.

Spring always seems to bring a wave of energetic motivation and for many of us, that translates into some deep cleaning and refreshing our homes for summer. If you’re noticing that your curtains or blinds are either getting a bit too worn or just aren't providing the functionality (or style) you want, here are some tips to make sure you get the perfect custom window coverings for your home.

TIP: Not sure if it’s time to replace your curtains or blinds? Learn what to look for here.

Think about year-round functionality

It's easy to just think about the summer months ahead and choose your fabrics or styles accordingly, but don’t forget – winter will be back next year! Choose versatile fabrics in colours and patterns that will suit your home year-round and consider utilising double tracks or combining blinds and curtains (more on this below).

Insulate for summer and winter

While we usually think about needing extra insulation in the winter months, it can also help keep your home cool through the summer. It’s especially useful for windows that get plenty of direct sunlight – just keep them closed while you’re away for the day and come home to a more comfortable temperature. Check out our other tricks for keeping cool this summer as well!

Blockout light for better sleep

We love the long summer days but be sure to consider blockout curtains or blinds for the bedrooms. Fully blocking light helps the whole family get a better night’s sleep, not to mention most blockout curtains or blinds also have some thermal insulating properties (or a thermal lining can be added). So you get the year-round insulating benefits in the bedroom as well.

Combine different styles and fabrics for versatility

For large windows in rooms where you spend plenty of time, having a combination of window furnishings can be incredibly valuable. There are two main ways to accomplish this, a curtain plus blind combo or a double track curtain combo.

For curtains plus blinds:

You can combine a blockout or thermal roller blind with a sheer curtain to filter light, while allowing for a bright airy feel in the room when desired but also block light and add insulation when needed. This makes for an incredibly versatile solution for summer and winter.

For a double track of curtains:

You can combine two different styles of curtains, with one hanging behind the other. They can be used together to achieve a certain look or separately to utilise their different functionality. Similarly to the curtain/blind combo, the most common use of double tracks is with sheers for filtering light and blockout or thermal curtains for blocking light and adding insulation.

Don’t forget to have fun!

Choosing new custom curtains comes with a lot to think about, but it’s also a great chance to express your style and have a little fun adding your personality to your home. Our expert consultants help you do just that. They’ll guide you through the process and make sure all practical requirements are covered. Plus they have a great eye for style and may just recommend the perfect thing you never even considered!

If you’re considering new custom curtains or blinds this spring, be sure to book a free in-home consultation for the best results.

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