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Wall colours aren’t the only major source of colour scheme in a room, there’s also furniture colour and style to consider when choosing curtains for your home. Here are some tips to matching your curtains with brown or wooden furniture. Choosing colours is quite subjective and you’ll know by looking whether it’s right or wrong, but here are some tips to guide you along.

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Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown is a very common colour for furniture, especially couches. It goes well with both warm colours like gold, red and orange (think Autumn leaves) as well as cool hues of blues and purples. 

Light vs dark

Dark browns work really well with vibrant colours so don’t be afraid to choose bright curtains. Just remember that they can’t be the only pop of colour in the room, to create a cohesive look you’ll need to make sure the colour appears in some of the accessories too.

If you’re decorating with two darker colours add contrast with lighter coloured accessories.

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If you prefer neutrals avoid grey and stick to cream, tan, taupe or sand colours. If you want just a tiny bit of colour in those neutrals look for yellow undertones.

Wooden furniture

When it comes to wooden furniture, the general rule of thumb for dark woods is to choose a lighter colour. However, the reverse is not necessarily true. Lighter coloured woods go best with light or bright colours but not dark.

Like colours, some woods have cool undertones and some have warm. Warm woods look lovely with Autumnal colours or those with red undertones while cooler colours suit blues and cool greens.

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Ultimately, your decision will be largely influenced by personal taste. Download our free guide to choosing curtains for more tips  and advice. However if you are unsure about a particular piece of furniture, book a free in-home consultation and our style consultants will be happy to advise.


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