Curtain and roman blind trends for winter

Karen Hume
Written by Karen Hume
Russells Consultant
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As the days get shorter and winter gets closer to our doorsteps, it’s becoming more important to think about how our homes are places we want to feel warm and comfortable inside; especially as we’ll find ourselves inside more often when the temperature really drops.

One way to increase the comfort level of your home is the right set of curtains or Roman blinds. And by combining some of the fabrics we have available with a thermal lining, you’re able to style any room with a treatment that works just as great as it looks. We’ve gone through our extensive range of options and picked out a few ideas so you don’t have to, but to see more of the fabrics we have available there’s a free style guide at the end of this article.


Available in natural and synthetic options, velvet is not only naturally warmer than most fabrics but it’s thickness and weight also do a great job at blocking light and sound too. Its texture adds an element of glamour to any room and regardless of the colour, velvet treatments instantly bring warmth into the home.

Combined with complementary colours in your furniture or even a thermal lining to double down on the warmth this fabric provides on its own, there are so many ways our style consultants can bring velvet to life in your home.


If thick fabrics aren’t your thing, that ok because, believe it or not, linen curtains and blinds can achieve the same levels of warmth with the right thermal lining.

Available in a range of textures, patterns and weights, what sets linen fabrics apart is their ability to hang effortlessly and create a relaxing environment. And where they used to be reserved for summer due to their light weight, we’re now able to line them with a thermal backing that means you can keep them hung in winter and maintain that casual feel throughout your home.

Mixing and matching – the anti-trend

Something our consultants have begun to see is a growing number of clients who are opting to mix and match fabrics and patterns, creating totally unique outcomes that suit their personality and the styles they’ve created in their homes. These can be anything from geometric patterns and bold tones to linens paired with botanical fabrics.

Teahouse Vienna Vintage by James Dunlop

What matters in these situations is that you pick two or three ‘themes’ and stick to them to keep everything from getting too noisy. And whether that’s a couple of patterns, tones, textures or treatment options, our expert style consultants are able to present all of your options in the comfort of your own home.

To book a free consultation at your convenience, feel free to contact us and your local consultant will be in touch to arrange an appointment. In the meantime, however, feel free to take advantage of your free fabric inspiration guide.

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