Easy ways to update and personalise your new home

Wendy Roberts
Written by Wendy Roberts
Russells Consultant
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Lots of properties are changing hands right now; perhaps you too are on the move. One thing is for sure, whether it’s a little or a lot, when moving into a new home, we all want to update and personalise it to make it truly ours.

Easy ways to update your new home and bring in your own style include painting various features, installing modern componentry and upgrading curtains and blinds. Here’s our style advice:

Paint anything and everything

A fresh coat of paint is a way to introduce contemporary colours and make old features look newer. You may be surprised what can be painted too: walls, ceiling, floors, tiles…

  • Paint your front door - it’s the first thing you and others encounter so the first taste of your home’s style. Maybe update the hardware too so it’s shiny and modern and new.

  • Paint tiles - grout in particular becomes stained over time and is a dead giveaway of the age of the home. Consider a deep cleaning first, but it is possible to just paint over the lot! Here’s a step by step guide from Dulux.

  • Paint a pattern on your floors – what a way to personalise wooden floors! Here’s a guide to get your started.

  • Paint kitchen cupboard doors - a kitchen facelift is possible by giving cupboards and drawers new a coat of paint.

Replace handles, counters and faucets

A kitchen facelift is easy – as mentioned above, paint the doors then replace the handles on drawers and cupboards. Think about also updating tapware in kitchens and bathrooms. They’re small items in the grand scheme of things but can really make a big impact when replacing dated old ones with something modern and new.

Countertops are more challenging and expensive to replace but well worth it. Watch this Bunnings video of a 1970s kitchen transformation to see how big an impact it has.

Add a statement wall

Modern wallpapers are a cinch to hang and an easy way to bring personality into your home. Consider a feature or statement wall in a bold or contrasting colour or perhaps a splash of zany wallpaper.

Change your light fixtures and switch plates

Old plastic becomes coloured with age. A quick change out of socket and switch plates will look so much fresher.

Light shades and fittings are another item that give away the age of a house. Anything installed in the last 20 years will likely still be looking contemporary but could use a clean. Older examples, however, can really look out of date and just need to go.

Remove the popcorn ceiling

Not many people these days like the old popcorn ceilings - you know what we’re talking about - that rough stucco texture popular in the 60s, 70s and 80s. This is often one of the first things people want to update when they’ve bought a new property, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL as some of these ceilings will contain asbestos and will need to be removed by professionals.

New flooring

A bit more of an investment than just painting over wood, new flooring is good money though, as floors take the most wear and tear and can look shabby when old and well used. Flooring options these days can be really easy to install yourself and there are lots of options to suit your budget. You can also make your floors as much a feature of the room as anything. Be inspired by Moduleo Moods; the patterns you can customise are quite striking.

Smart money upgrades

Some things you can do for a small amount of money, where others are worth investing in. These are your service areas, the high-traffic/high-use areas like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, and storage.

New window furnishings

New window furnishings update, personalise and add value. They definitely count as smart money spent. The curtains and blinds you choose can either be a feature or the finishing touch, and they serve a good purpose too, helping regulate temperature, light and privacy.

Roller blinds and honeycomb blinds have a very contemporary minimalist aesthetic; honeycombs are also excellent for improving energy efficiency which is a smart choice of upgrade for any home.

Russells Premium Veri Shades® are a hybrid between a curtain and a vertical blind; very innovative, modern looking and child and pet friendly.

Venetian blinds are timeless, as are shutters, which are becoming more and more popular for their robust contemporary construction but old-worldy style look.

And curtains, the ultimate in personalization, with so many different fabric colours, patterns, types and textures available, it’s easy to find something that expresses your style and suits that way you live.

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