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There’s actually a sub question to this which is, ‘how much extra could it cost to not have good curtains and blinds?’ Let’s touch on that first…

You can reduce your carbon footprint and save money on those power bills by stopping cold air from travelling into your home and preventing warm air escaping through the windows with good window coverings.

Curtains and blinds are great insulators. To maximise their effectiveness we recommend lined curtains be floor length. Seeing as warm air rises, the floor is the coldest point in the room so having your curtains touching or puddling the fabric on the floor stops cold air from seeping into the room.


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Having properly lined curtains and blinds is also a must. Not only does the lining increase the thermal effectiveness by adding a second layer of fabric, they also fall and hang softer than coated or triple weave fabrics.


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Further advantages to good lining include noise reduction, room darkening, and light filter ratio. Adding in a 100% polyester lining protects your curtains, blinds, carpet and furniture from the sun’s harsh rays, making them look better and last longer. Team that up with a sunscreen roller blind to help filter sunlight and keep your home cooler in summertime.

Now to address that pricing question.

Obviously it depends on the fabric you choose, but based on a $39.95 fabric with a $9.95 Poly B/O lining, here’s what you can expect.

3 bedroom house – approx. 10 windows

Blinds only – from $2,550

Curtains only – from $5,975

Curtains and Sunscreens – from $7,450

4 Bedroom house – approx. 12 windows

Blinds only – from $3,150

Curtains only (including two living areas) – from $7,250

Curtains and Sunscreens – from $9,230


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