How to control light this summer

When summer’s heat drives you inside, you’ll want to be able to control how much sun follows you in through your windows. Whether go for curtains, blinds, shutters, or a combination, here’s an easy guide to help point you in the right direction.

Controlling light with sheer curtains

Light and airy, sheers are the perfect way to fill any room with a summery feel. The fabric itself hangs softly and because it’s translucent, filters light to protect your furniture from UV rays. They won’t darken the room though, or block heat. For the best of both, you could pair them with a blockout roller blind underneath.

Control light and temperature with shutters

Exterior or interior shutters are also a stylish way to deflect heat and control light in summer. Close them for total protection or tilt the slats to let in as much or as little light as you need.

Block light and control temperature with curtains or blinds

During peak sunlight hours on particularly hot days, if you have blockout curtains, you can close them to keep the temperature more reasonable. It will still be warm, but the ambient room temperature will be less likely to rise a lot as it would with relentless sunlight flowing in. Blockout or thermal lined roller blinds will also have a similar effect.

Russells blinds

Do it all with a combination of window furnishings

We’re experts in the best ways to use curtains with blinds. Here are a few to inspire you:

  • Curtains or sheers over venetian blinds.
  • Curtains over translucent or sheer honeycomb blind
  • Sheers over blockout honeycomb blind
  • Curtains or sheers over shutters
  • Roman blind over shutters

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Further reading

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