How to tell your blinds need replacing

Wendy Roberts
Written by Wendy Roberts
Russells Consultant
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Apart from looking a bit rough, when blinds deteriorate, they perform less well. Whether you’re renovating, restyling or just considering your options, here’s what you should be looking out for to know when it’s time to upgrade your blinds.

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Age and condition

The easiest sign that it’s time to get a new set of blinds is when they’re broken, and more often than not this happens because they’re too old. In venetian blinds you can expect to find bent or broken slats and in roller blinds you may find them fraying at the edges.

Because of the harsh exposure to UV rays we expect here in New Zealand, in wooden venetian treatments may also discover that the slats have warped over time, and if varnished, the stain may be flaking. And while the cords on roller blinds can be easily replaced, if they break due to age on venetian blinds the fix becomes a lot more complicated.

Older roman blinds might become musty and dusty or faded from the sun. And it should go without saying that if you find live mould on your fabric blinds they should be replaced.


Our needs change over time, and this is no exception when it comes to what we need from our window furnishings. For example, where you once had wooden blinds, you may now need thermal or blockout roller blinds to keep the room warmer and darker. Or perhaps you want to upgrade to something safer and less fiddly than cord operated blinds, eg. Our Zero Gravity roller blinds that rise by themselves.


With time comes changes in trend. You blinds may no longer look as nice as you would like. They may also be from a different style era to your furniture, causing a clash. Curtains and blinds are generally found in every room of your house, so when considering style it’s important to realise that by changing your blinds out for a modern set you can instantly uplift your entire home. And whether your furniture has remained, or you’ve added a few modern pieces over the years, we offer plenty of colour, style and function options that both enhance your lifestyle and look amazing.

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