Introducing Russells Premium Veri Shades®

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By combining the look and the feel of a curtain with the functionality of blinds, Veri Shades® are a soft and versatile option that can be used in so many ways. Below, we’re going to go over what makes them so unique, and how you can make them work with your home’s style.

The clever curtain

What makes Russells Premium Veri Shades® unique is that you can walk right through them! There are no weights or chains attached, and you can rotate the panels to adjust your preferred level of privacy. So whether they’re drawn and tilted closed or left open, they offer an airy, luxurious feel that you can adjust at a moment’s notice.

Mist by Veri Shades

How they work

Hung on a single track, you can think of Veri Shades® as sturdy enough to sit still, but light enough to be brushed aside with your hand. They can be rotated to adjust your desired level of privacy too, keeping you comfortable without needing to shut out fresh air or plunge your space into darkness.

Our Veri Shades® are so easy to operate that you can adjust them with one hand too. And with no cords, weights or chains, they’re child and pet friendly as well. Veri Shades® also use a single track so you can maximise the amount of space in any room. As a comparison, drapes and voiles can take up to twice as much space.

How you can make them your own

Russells Premium Veri Shades® come in a range of neutral options so they can be hung to suit your style – or the style you’re creating. The fabric they’re made from comes in subtle patterns that offer an extra touch of personalisation, too.

Russells Premium Veri Shades® can be used anywhere in your home, but we see them work best in living rooms - especially ones where you can create a seamless indoor/outdoor flow by hanging them over ranch sliders and French doors.

Mist by Veri Shades

Get inspired at home

If you think Veri Shades® could be the answer your windows are after, get yourself a copy of our free guide. It covers everything you need to know about Russells’ range of curtains and you can begin to see how our range can help create a home you love.

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