Keeping your home warm with thermal blinds and curtains

Tania Naudé
Written by Tania Naudé
Russells Consultant
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Now that winter is well and truly upon us, it’s easy to tell whether your home is ready for the months ahead. And if you’re thinking that blankets and a new heater are the solutions that will get you through then it’s well worth considering thermal-lined blinds or curtains. Research shows that even if your home has been built to the latest building code standards, up to 30% of internal heat is lost through glass. If your home is built up to the new building code standards up to 45% of its internal heat is lost through the glass.

Thermal-lined curtains and blinds are a great passive option because there aren’t any of the ongoing costs you can expect from a heater. They’re also a cheaper option than retrofitting double-glazed windows too. And with the help of our expert consultants and the extensive range of fabrics we have available, we can craft a custom-made solution that matches your style perfectly.

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How they work

When curtains are closed, the air between the curtains and the window gets cold. And as surely as warm air rises, cold air sinks and thus creates a vacuum pulling warm air from the ceiling against the cold window. This is known as the reverse chimney effect, and the best way to stop this happening is to create a barrier at the bottom by having curtains that touch the floor or blinds that touch the sill to stop air from travelling.

Thermal-lined curtains and blinds work to maintain a constant temperature by slowing down the movement of heat across windows and their frames. And while the fabric facing you can be thicker, decorative – or both, the magic happens between the layers of fabric. Certain linings also offer a level of sound insulation as well either allowing light to filter through, be dimmed out or completely block out the light.

Thermal blinds or thermal curtains?

The answer to this question is completely up to you, but in certain circumstances either product will offer a greater benefit. The general rule is that the greater the seal between the curtain and your window, the greater the level of insulation in your room. So, while thermal blinds like Honeycomb blinds that can fit snugly inside the window frame or the likes of Roman Blinds which generally sit outside and extend past over the frame are a great choice, thermal curtains that touch the floor are perfect for ranch-sliders and larger areas.

Style and quality come standard

Regardless of whether you choose curtains, blinds or a combination of both, one advantage you have with Russells is access to a variety of window furnishing treatments and a great range of fabrics to choose from that can complement and enhance your home. Our expert style consultants love showing how our fabrics can match the style you currently have or help set the tone for your renovated home. And because all our window coverings and components are crafted right here in Nelson, you can be sure that they won’t just look great but will work for winters to come.

To book your free in-home consultation, contact us today. Our consultants can meet you at your convenience and help transform your home into a warm haven this winter.

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