Summer 2023 Home Trends - what's in, what's out?

Marian Ferguson
Written by Marian Ferguson
Russells Consultant
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As we look ahead to the new year, there are a few trends that are already starting to stand out. Building on last year's focus on bringing nature in, natural materials and sustainable options continue to be popular, but white walls are a no-go. Let's check out what's in and what's out for home décor trends for summer 2023.

What's in?

Let there be colour

From rich jewel tones to soft pastels, colour is back in a big way! White walls and beige curtains aren't going to cut it anymore - we're seeing a lot more pink and blue, green and yellow, or rust and green combinations for bright spaces that feel more alive.

Old world retreat

With fewer tips abroad in the last few years, people are starved for that old world, European villa charm and it's starting to appeal in peoples' homes more and more. Bright, light, natural wood, breezy linens and stone or clay touches bring this look to life. Think vintage items that are a little rough around the edges - it just adds to the charm.

Personal touches

Instead of looking for ways to imitate the home decor Instagram pages, this year will be more about embracing personal idiosyncrasies. Those antique finds that just call to you, old memorabilia you love, mementoes from family trips - it's all part of the unique fabric of your home. Embrace it this year and proudly display the quirky bits of life.

Low-impact choices

Upcycling and low impact choices are still on the rise this year with more attention being paid to sustainable options. Materials from plastic bottles, long lasting stone and wood instead of plastics, and reupholstered furniture are popular ways to lessen your impact without sacrificing style.

What's out?

Boring neutrals

Don't get us wrong, there will always be a time and a place for neutrals - they can be very calming and visually appealing. But white walls and neutral curtains and furnishings as the default choice is starting to disappear, replaced by more exciting colour palettes and brighter tones.

Smooth minimalism

Glossy, smooth finishes have been a mainstay in the popular minimalist trend over the last several years but more recently it's all about the textures. The shift away from minimalism as a whole has been coming for a while with a bigger focus on maximalism with bold patterns and plenty of nick knacks and this year it will be all about textures.

50 shades of grey

Cool greys have been a neutral choice for many in the past years but be warned - they are starting to date. If you want to stick to neutrals, try warmer whites, beiges, terracotta, greens etc. If you want to stay on the cool spectrum, opt for light blues, teal etc.

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