The best curtain and blind options for corner windows

Written by Jodi-Anne
Russells Consultant
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When a window is in the middle of a wall your options for covering it aren’t limited like they are when the window is tucked into the corner of the room. For windows like this, the space around them becomes very important and how you can open and close your window furnishings will dictate what type you get. Here are our recommedations:

Two windows, no wall gap

If you have two windows perpendicular to each other (ie. a 90 degree angle) with no wall but a shared architrave, you’re better to have a curtain to the far side of each window that meet at the corner/in the centre. Ensure the track or rod extend from the corner out past the edge of the window so you’re not blocking any light when they’re open and the curtains appear as one continuous panel when closed.

If you prefer blinds instead in this scenario, you will need to have deep enough window frames to have the blinds mounted on the inside. You will find one overlaps the other when mounted outside the frame.

You could also opt for vertical blinds or Veri Shades® and hang them as per the curtains, one per wall side of each window closing towards the centre.

Two windows, small wall gap

If there is enough of a wall gap in between each window frame and the corner of the room you could hang curtains on both sides of each window for symmetry. All types of blinds are suitable in this scenario and you could choose either an inside mount or outside mount as long as they are carefully measured so as not to touch or overlap.

One window, small wall gap

If there is just one window that is very close to the corner of the room, having just one curtain on one side will look uneven, but having one on either side means you could block the window and miss out on light. In this instance curtains are less practical and a roller blind, honeycomb, venetian blind or shutters would be better.

One window, all glass, no centre mullion

By this we mean glass that meets glass in the corner. To hang curtains in this area you need a continuous curved track or rod is essential as separate curtains would touch the glass. Vertical blinds or Veri Shades® that also curve right around are another good option. Roller blinds or venetians in this setting are fiddly and can look messy if they’re not exact.

Curtain rod considerations

Curtain rods can be tricky in corner windows as they often come with decorative knobs on the ends. Either choose tracks with can be hidden behind the curtain, a rod with a small end knob or hunt down a 90 degree corner rod adapter. It slots onto the end of each rod in the corner so there is no gap in between the two rods. This is best for the scenario where there is no wall gap between the two windows.

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