The pros and cons of eyelet curtains

Rochelle Vitz
Written by Rochelle Vitz
Russells Consultant
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Eyelet curtains, also known as ring-top curtains or ring curtains, have been growing in popularity in recent years, but are they all they’re cracked up to be?

What do eyelet curtains look like?

With deep folds in the fabric eyelet curtains have a lovely drape. The grommets or eyelets are evenly spaced long the top to hang from a rod, creating the deep waves.

The drawbacks of eyelet curtains

While eyelet curtains can be a lovely look, there are definitely a few things to consider before you decide to order your own.

  1. They’re not suited to large windows. Because of the way eyelet curtains attach to the rod, they cannot pass a bracket. This means they’re better suited to narrow window, not larger windows or sliding doors that may require more than one centre bracket.
  2. They can be expensive While the simplistic style of eyelet curtains makes them seem like a simple, affordable option, they can actually be quite expensive. Custom made eyelet curtains require each grommet to hand-punched and it adds up across several curtains. Not to mention the actual cost of the grommets is higher, especially if you’re after a particular colour or style.
  3. They’re not suited to sheers or other delicate fabrics. Not all fabrics will be durable enough for the grommets. Many sheers or other delicate fabrics will start to sag or stretch from the pressure of the grommets.

The benefits of eyelet curtains

While eyelet curtains aren’t always a practical choice, they do have a few benefits in some instances.

  1. They are easy to install. Since they just have the grommets that slide easily over a curtain rod, they’re very easy to install and change out, especially if you already have the curtain rod installed.
  2. They’re easy to operate. Because of the simplicity of the opening and closing of eyelet curtains, they’re easy to operate.

Should you choose eyelet curtains?

While we don’t often recommend eyelet curtains, whether you choose them for your space is up to your preferences and desired style.

The best alternative to eyelet curtains

S-fold curtains are a relatively new style of curtain and offer the same big wave drape as an eyelet curtain. But there are a few differences:

Attach to a track

Rather than running a rod through the grommets of an eyelet curtain, S-fold curtains have hooks at the top of the curtain to attach them to a track.

Better for large, wide windows

Their smooth operation on a track means they are a great choice to large windows or sliding doors. They can easily swish across and their low stack means they’re not too bulky when fully open.

A great choice for ceiling mount curtains

The main difference is that S-fold curtains attach to a track from the top of the fabric. This makes them far more versatile for large windows. It also makes them perfect for hanging from the ceiling for an extra full look.

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