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Whether you’re thinking about renovating or styling a new home from scratch, window shutters are a practical and attractive alternative to curtains and blinds that can instantly elevate a space and add value to your home. They can be installed in any room and cleaning them is simple. It’s even possible to install some shutters outside. 

Window shutters boast a range of features such as privacy, insulation, airflow, light and noise control. They are the epitome of child safety as there are no choking hazards, which all these features combined may require more than one curtain and/or blind to achieve. Window shutters also require less maintenance than some blinds and curtains. Here’s a look at the kinds we offer and what they can do for you and your home. 


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PVC shutters

Our PVC shutters are VOC free meaning they do not omit volatile organic compounds. As they aren’t made from wood, they’re unaffected by moisture or humidity making them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where moisture and steam is a given. They won’t become warped over windows that receive greater exposure to the sun either. Available in different hinge options and slat sizes, you can choose how they function to complement your lifestyle. And with over a dozen colour options, they can suit any existing style or be the basis of a new one.


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Aluminium shutters

What sets aluminium shutters apart from other window furnishings is the fact you can install them externally. Whether you have a patio, balcony or veranda, they’re able to control light and block wind whenever you need to. Our aluminium shutters are lockable and can be manufactured using cyclone-rated materials which makes them a safe and secure option no matter the location. They can also be installed inside your home as well, and they’re stylish addition to any modern bathroom.


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Wood shutters

Wood, or timber shutters have provided a level of luxury and natural warmth for centuries. There isn’t much that beats the feeling that wooden window furnishings bring into homes; and it’s that coziness that makes them a great option in bedrooms and living spaces. They offer effective insulation in summer and winter. And, like their PVC and aluminium counterparts, they come in a range of sizes and control options.

Available in over 20 colour and stain options, our wood shutters are all constructed from high-quality basswood that is sustainably sourced from premium plantations too.

Working with your local consultant, it’s possible to explore all of your options from the comfort of your own home. They will visit you at your convenience and bring a multitude of samples so that you can see how shutters, curtains or blinds can transform your entire home. Click here to book your consultation today. 


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