What type of blinds are best for bathrooms?

Blinds or shutters are the most practical option for bathrooms. They offer privacy control, durability against the bathroom’s damp environment, and they look good too. Here’s how to choose the right type of blind.

Because the bathroom is a wet, humid area practicality should be a priority. Whatever you choose needs to be heat and moisture resistant, easy to clean (because almost all bathrooms experience mould and mildew to some degree), and while it may seem small, be safe and easy to operate with wet hands.

That rules our curtains or fabric roman blinds.

Another material you may be surprised to learn isn’t bathroom friendly is wood. Tiny cracks in the wood let moisture in and eventually they warp. Once that happens there’s no quick or temporary fix, you’ll need to replace them. For those who love the natural materials look, consider bamboo or hunt down a quality faux wood finish.

Aluminium or faux wood venetian blinds

Offer clean, straight lines and won’t warp, rust or tarnish. Plus you get all the privacy and light control you need.

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Roller blinds

Easy to use, offer great privacy, won’t warp, and are pretty easy to wash and maintain as long as you choose a light fabric, or one made from waterproof materials.

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Super stylish and a great alternative to a venetian. They’re easy to operate and you can get versions with lots of freedom to configure the slats for the perfect amount of privacy and light control.n

Honeycomb blinds

They’re known mainly for their insulating properties, however the reason they work in bathrooms is their ability to offer top down/bottom up operation. That means you can raise them from the bottom up for all the privacy you need while in the bathroom but still allow plenty of light to come in through the top of the window.

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