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Unlike other rooms in the house the window treatments you choose for the bathroom are mainly for privacy; blocking light and glare isn’t such a big issue.

That’s not to say style doesn’t come into your decision making though. So how do we get the best of both worlds? Blinds or shades are the most practical option for bathrooms.


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The bathroom is a wet, humid area so practicality should be your first priority. You need something that is going to be easy to operate with wet hands, and it needs to be somewhat heat and moisture resistant. You’d also do well to put some thought into how easy they are to clean because almost all bathrooms experience mould and mildew to some degree.

For these reasons alone let’s rule out thick fabrics. Drapes or curtains in the bathroom simply won’t work. Plus, bathroom windows are often much smaller than in other rooms so that much material seems excessive.

That’s not to say all fabric is out of the question.

Shades offer a warm, soft look, but pick something easy to clean because the mould problem will present itself time and time again. To counter this you could try something acrylic which is less absorptive, or be prepared to send them out for professional cleaning.

Another material you may be surprised to learn isn’t bathroom friendly, is wood. Tiny cracks in the wood let moisture in and eventually they warp. Once that happens there’s no quick or temporary fix, you’ll need to replace them. A shame since they look so good. However all is not lost for those who love the natural materials look, you could consider bamboo, or hunt down a quality faux wood finish.

Blinds look good, they’re easy to operate, and you can control the amount of light you let in without having to raise them. The only downside is that blinds can be a bit of a commitment with regards to cleaning. All those individual slats - that’s a lot of surface area to attract dust and grime. But because they’re often made of something solid and moisture resistant it’s reasonably easy to just run a cloth over them every now and then while they’re in the closed position.

Aluminium blinds in the bathroom are a good option. They offer clean, straight lines, they’re available in many colours, and because it’s a heavy metal, aluminium blinds are rust resistant.

Roller blinds are easy to use, offer great privacy, won’t warp, and are pretty easy to wash and maintain as long as you choose a light fabric, or one made from waterproof materials.

Finally, here’s a idea that’s gaining popularity - the top down look. By mounting your blinds or shades at the bottom of the window so they go upwards, you can get all the privacy you need while in the bathroom but still allow plenty of light to come in through the top of the window.

Check out these top down bathroom blind looks.


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