How to clean your blinds

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Cleaning your blinds is a task easily neglected or overlooked because it can be time-consuming or perhaps you’re just not sure the right way to go about it. If your blinds came with care instructions, read those first and follow the directions provided. If not, here’s some advice from our blind experts on how to clean the different types of blinds in your home

PVC or aluminum venetian blinds

If they’re just dusty then use your vacuum cleaner with its dust brush attachment. Close them completely, hold them from the bottom for stability and vacuum off the dust. Don’t forget to do the other side too. And make sure your vacuum isn’t on its highest setting as it may be too aggressive and you might damage them. If the dust has really settled in and become a layer of grime, vacuum first to remove any loose dust then wipe them with sponge or rag and some hot soapy water. For faux-wood blinds in the kitchen that have gathered grease and dust, fill a bowl with equal parts white vinegar and water and use a cloth to wipe them clean. Again, don’t forget to do the other side and hold from the bottom.

Deeper cleaning

If you have a lot of this type of blind around your house you could do it in stages, taking down one at a time and soaking them in the bathtub with a bit of dishwashing liquid to help break down any grease and grime. After they’ve soaked a while, give them a gentle scrub with a soft brush or cloth to get the dirt off. If you have jets in the bathtub, turn those on and the water movement should do much of the job for you. Rinse the blinds clean and let them dry before you hang them back up; just leave them laid out on some towels to air dry. And make sure you put clean water in the tub for each blind.

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Wooden venetian blinds

Wood blinds are often treated to repel dirt so a good furniture polish and a soft cloth could be all that’s needed. If you do need to use water to get off greater muck, be careful not to get the wood too wet or it could warp. Wipe dry immediately.

Fabric blinds (honeycombs, romans and roller blinds)

The vacuum cleaner works for these too, cleaning dust off easily with the dust brush. Same as above, make sure it’s on a low suction setting and hold the bottom for stability. To get at the dust that may have accumulated inside pleats or cells, blow it away with a hair dryer set to cool. This is also the way to get out bugs caught inside the cells of a honeycombs. DO NOT SQUISH IT!

Minor stains or grime on fabric blinds can be treated with a damp sponge or microfiber cloth. Blot the area until clean being careful not to get them too wet. Make sure they’re dry before you raise them back up though. For major stains or grime you may need to get a professional cleaning.

Vertical blinds

Depending on whether your vertical blinds are fabric or vinyl, follow the instructions for the types of blinds listed above. Another way to get dust and cobwebs off this type of blind is with a clothing lint roller.

Bonus tips…

  • A cotton sports sock makes a great blind cleaning cloth as it slips over your hand giving you great control.
  • Make a specialist blind cleaning tool by using rubber bands or bulldog clips to attach microfibre cloths to a pair of tongs. You can then pinch each slat with the tongs and run it along to remove the dust.
  • To keep track of where you’ve gotten to, clip a clothes peg to the last slat you cleaned.
  • A little regular dusting will stop the dust building up and turning it into a big job that you dread.
  • Installing sheer curtains in from of your blinds could help to lessen the amount of dust settling on your blinds

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