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Enhance the effectiveness of your curtains or roman blinds by utilising lining. Lining can dramatically improve heating efficiency, block out light and reduce noise. We have a range of linings available and can ensure you find the right solution for your space.

3-pass Thermal Lining

Maximise your heating efficiency by adding 3-pass thermal lining to your curtains. Thermal lining can also be utilised to reduce outside noise and unwanted light.

For more information about Thermal Lining, check out this guide on staying warm in winter.

Block-out Lining

Block-out lined curtains reduce natural light and UV rays, providing an  ideal solution for darkening a bedroom or media room. They also offer excellent sound insulation and thermal properties.


Interlining is the layer of fabric between the main fabric and lining. To increase the insulating properties of your curtains a light to medium weight interlining can be added. Interlining is ideal for increasing thermal performance and reducing noise. If you are specifically looking to reduce noise, ‘bumf’ lining can also be used as an interlining.

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