12 simple ways to refresh and update your home

Chloe Ellery
Written by Chloe Ellery
Russells Consultant
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If your home is looking and feeling a bit dated and you’d like to give it a revamp the good news is there are plenty of ways to bring your home up to date that don’t involve major construction work and a five or six figure budget! Another piece of good news is - some of these projects are easy enough to do yourself.

1. Paint the walls

You don’t get more bang for your buck than you do with a fresh coat of paint and you don’t have to be a pro to get a reasonable result. If you’ve never painted before here are a couple of tips:

  • It’s worth investing in good brushes and tools, both for a better end result and the ease of doing the job.
  • Don’t rush. Take your time to prepare the surfaces properly.
  • Don’t rush. Yes, again. You’ll want to apply a primer or undercoat and probably two top coats; with each taking up to 24 hours to dry you can expect this job to take a few days at least.
  • Browse the internet for tips and techniques to get the best finish; there are lots of good videos on YouTube

Another reasonably easy and inexpensive DIY job to freshen up the walls is wallpapering. If you think wallpaper is naff, get out there and check out some of the stunning patterns available these days.

2. Paint the cupboards

Paint isn’t just for the walls either. Refresh the kitchen easily by painting cabinet doors and or/handles.

3. Paint the floors

Installing all new flooring can be expensive (although worth it in terms of the way it can modernise your home). However, a new trend is emerging and all it takes is a little paint and creativity - renew old wooden or concrete flooring with paint! You could paint it all one colour and add a rug for decoration, or get creative and lay down a pattern. Check out these beautiful painted floors on Pinterest.

Elevation by James Dunlop in Ink

4. New door handles

Not only will replacing door handles (on room doors, cupboard and cabinets alike) add a nice modern touch to your home, you may find they’re a lot more functional then your current ones; especially if you live in an older home and they still have the originals.

5. Clean the grout in between tiles and renew silicone

Due to moisture and time, bathrooms get dirty and look worn. But it’s SO easy to freshen up this room for very little money. Simply clean out and touch up the grout in between tiles (this Bunnings video shows you how), and replace mouldy silicone. Both easy DIY jobs that will fit within even a small budget. Check out these tips from Selleys.

6. Lighting fixtures

Update your light fixtures and be amazed at home much your old ones were bringing your home down. Likewise, the faceplates on your electrical sockets and light switches. These crack and discolour over time so installing new ones has a lovely effect.

7. Curtains and blinds

Your window treatments can make or break the style of a room. Updating these will make a HUGE difference. Not only will a change in curtains or blinds provide an opportunity to introduce a more modern pattern or colour palette, it’s also an opportunity to address any light blocking issues your old ones might have. More light in a room will always make it feel more modern and fresh.

8. Add crown molding

Crown molding adds charm and elegance to a room. Although there is some cost involved, it’s not a major construction job and you should be able to do it yourself with the right tools.

9. Invest in stainless steel appliances

Just this one simple change can really bring an older kitchen back to life. Not only that, newer appliances are much more energy efficient that your old ones and could end up making you a few savings on your power bills.

10. Redo your kitchen backsplash

Nowadays you don’t have to labour away installing single tile and tile. They come on sheets and are a piece of cake to put up. Get creative and make a unique pattern.

11. Custom-make a new headboard for your bed

There are tutorials galore online to guide you through this relatively simple DIY project.

12. Spruce up the outdoor area

If your deck or patio bears the grime of time, waterblast it or apply a fresh coat of stain.

St Clair by Jame Dunlop in Indigo

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