3 Curtain ideas to transform your home this autumn

Rochelle Vitz
Written by Rochelle Vitz
Russells Consultant
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With temperatures dropping and sunlight changing, autumn calls for a change in furnishings.

The sun can still be bright during the day, but the nights are getting cooler. To keep the warmth in and the power bill down, you might want to look at changing your curtains out to some warmer, more wintery threads. It will give you the perfect opportunity to wash your curtains and it’ll make your place look cosy for the frosty months ahead.

Thermal lining

Changing your curtains with the season is like the window equivalent of swapping to winter weight bedding. Now is the time to hang thermally lined curtains to help keep warm air inside and stop the cold air seeping in through the glass. Floor length curtains are the best, as there are no (or fewer/smaller) gaps and the thicker the fabric, the better they will perform.

You can find out more about curtain lining here.

Russells Roller


This year, we are rather fond of velvet for autumn/winter curtains. Its soft texture brings a cosy feel to the room while its heavy weight gives it fantastic thermal properties. Velvet can be made from natural or synthetic fibres and comes in many different colours and even patterns. Don’t think you have to go traditional with this type of fabric; we can show you plenty of contemporary takes on it.

Sheer curtains over blinds

This option is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners with blockout roller blinds who are looking for a little extra style and functionality with their window furnishings. You get the light blocking, thermal potential of roller blinds with the added ability to maintain privacy and filter light during the day. The only requirements for sheers over blinds are that the blind will generally fit inside your window frame and that the sheer is on a track with enough clearance to avoid rubbing against the blind.

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