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After the summer that’s been, it’s around now that the temperature begins to drop and the leaves begin to change. And whether you love the summer or can’t wait for the months ahead, autumn is the perfect opportunity to refresh your window furnishings – both practically and aesthetically – for the coming season. 

We have some amazing new fabrics on offer and some exciting new products to announce in the coming weeks. But even if you’re still a huge fan of the curtains (or blinds) you have, there are still ways you can get so much more from them when the temperature drops. Here’s three of them. 


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Thermal linings

Whether your curtains are old or new, our range of thermal linings can make a world of difference during autumn and winter. The composition of the thermal linings helps trap cold air from getting into your home and they can be added to almost any set of curtains.  

They also provide a good level of soundproofing; however, they work best when they bunch slightly at the floor. This traps air between the curtain and your windows. So, if your curtains don’t touch the floor and you’re looking to ensure your home is warmer than it was last year, perhaps a new set in your bedroom or living room are what your home is missing.


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We’re seeing plenty of colours this autumn, but one thing staying strong above all: velvet. As a fabric, it instantly gives the feeling of luxury and opulence. And because of its weight it can also provide a level of thermal and acoustic insulation that acrylics can’t.

When it comes to colours this year, where we would traditionally expect deep blues and purples we’re beginning to see a shift towards options like pistachio, soft terracotta and even mint; pushing back against the darker days on the horizon. 


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Sheer curtains over blinds

This option is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners with roller blinds who are looking for a little extra style and functionality with their window furnishings. They give you the light blocking, thermal potential of roller blinds with the added ability to maintain privacy during the day. With your roller blind raised, sheers still allow light in. And with so many options available, our consultants are able to help you find the perfect fabric for your home.

The only requirements for sheers over blinds are that the blind will generally fit inside your window frame and that the sheer is on a track with enough clearance to avoid rubbing against blind. This allows for the sheers to slide freely over top, without getting in the way or damaged by your blinds or vice versa.


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If you’d like any extra information on anything you’ve seen here, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if you’d like to see how any of these options could transform your home, book your free, no obligation consultation today. Our team of experts are more than happy to meet your at your convenience.


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