5 reasons to choose roller blinds for your home

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Roller blinds are a practical and popular option for many New Zealand homes. This tidy, elegant option works well with the simplicity of newer, more modern homes. Their precise control mechanism makes them easy to use and adjust. Roller blinds now come in a variety of contemporary fabrics - from textured weaves to sunscreen and blockout. Here, we’ll outline which options work best for different areas of your home:

Block Out

If you’re after full privacy and improved energy efficiency, we recommend looking at using block out blinds to improve the insulation of your room. Block out blinds help reduce heat in summer depending on the fabric and colour you choose. Block out blinds are a good choice for bedrooms and other areas where you’re after a bit more privacy.


Worried about harsh UV rays, heat and glare? Sunscreen roller blinds ensure your furnishings are protected from sun effects like fading and bleaching. They also filter natural light into your room, so you have the best of both worlds. Our sunscreen rollers are available in a range of neutrals to suit your home décor, so you’ll surely find a colour that suits your colour scheme. We recommend sunscreen roller blinds for your lounge, where limited light is required

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Transparent & Screen

Ideal for living areas, transparent fabrics reduce light and heat, offering protection for furniture and flooring. These fabrics are ideal for rooms where glare control is necessary while maintaining the view.

Fabric and colour

Deciding on a fabric and colour for your roller blinds comes down to personal preference. Depending on your overall aesthetic, you may be after something more contemporary or classic. You’ll also want to consider what you need your blinds to do: block light, keep out the cold, arm you against UV rays, etc.

Roller blinds come in a variety of fabric options such as light filtering, which gently filters light into your room while reflecting heat and glare or transparent/translucent fabric, which allows light into your room. Blockout fabrics can darken your room, giving you privacy while you sleep.

With better building materials in newer homes, blocking out the cold is less of a priority. There’s no harm in choosing blinds with insulating properties, but it isn’t as necessary in more modern homes.

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Window Size

Roller blinds are adjustable and can fit various window sizes. If you’ve decided on ready-made blinds, you’ll need to take your own measurements. Check out our article on measuring for roller blinds here.

With today’s technology, motorisation is another option for roller blinds. Fully automated blinds are convenient, practical and simple to use.

A minimalist classic, roller blinds can be used throughout your home, as translucent privacy screens or as blockout solutions. We have a wide range of options to ensure you find the best blinds to suit your needs. Not sure which blinds best suit your room? Download our free guide to choosing blinds or curtains and we’ll walk you through the decision.

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