5 reasons we love the S-fold curtain trend

Amanda Humphreys
Written by Amanda Humphreys
Russells Consultant
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S-fold curtains are a relatively new style and they are becoming increasingly popular with interior designers worldwide. They're a sleek, streamlined option that still has a soft, welcoming feel, making them perfect for a range of interior styles.

Also known as a ripple curtain, s-fold curtains get their distinctive wave shape from the unique hanging glides on an s-fold track or rod. This is what allows the fabric to hang just below the track or rod and shapes the even s-shaped waves.

You may have seen s-fold curtains in boutique hotels or modern, upscale offices, but they are starting to be more and more common in-home as well due to their simple, but unique look compared to other curtain styles.

There are plenty of reasons to love s-fold curtains, but here are five of our favourites.

1. S-fold curtains can make small windows appear larger

Some s-fold tracks can be quite slim, so they sometimes fit nicely into small spaces between windows and the ceiling. And for smaller windows, you can use s-fold curtains to make them seem larger by hanging the track or rod close to the ceiling and allowing the curtains to fall lower than the window.

2. S-fold curtains are perfect for large areas

Floor to ceiling windows, sliding doors, or even long walls are perfect for s-fold curtains. They look especially elegant when hung floor to ceiling and their easy operation means they can be opened and closed easily. Although it is worth considering that the s-fold style takes up more space than the other pleat styles due to the way they stack together - make sure you have enough room to keep them from looking cramped.

3. S-fold curtains can be hung on a double track

With a double track, you can combine two different types of curtains for ultimate versatility. Combine a soft, flowy sheer to filter light and add some privacy through the day with a thicker blockout or thermal curtain to keep you home toasty warm in the evenings.

4. S-fold curtains work well with a wide range of materials

From linen sheers to thick lined fabrics, the s-fold pleat style works well with almost any material. Of course, there are still a couple of things to consider. Very thick, heavy fabrics like velvet may not hang as nicely in the s-fold shape due to their weight and fabrics with big, bold patterns might be lost in the deep folds of this style. Make sure to talk to your consultant about your fabric choices to make sure you get the right look for your home.

5. S-fold curtains look nice from either side

There is a small amount of clear tape along the top on the back of the curtains, but they look almost identical from both sides, making s-fold curtains a great choice for indoor/outdoor flow. If you have large glass doors that open up to an outdoor patio or garden area, it can help make sure the space feels more cohesive when the curtains look lovely from the outside as well as from the inside.

However you choose to use s-fold curtains in your home, they're sure to impress, lending an elegant, contemporary look without being flashy.

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