5 tips to matching curtains and blinds with floors

Charmaine Ulberg
Written by Charmaine Ulberg
Russells Consultant
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Whether it comes down to colour, texture, personal preference or just practicality, matching your window coverings with flooring can help create a seamless look that brings your home together. And although there’s more than one way to create a home you love, it certainly shouldn’t be difficult.

1 – Wood floors

For a style that oozes natural comfort, wooden venetian blinds can be paired with wooden or laminate flooring. Especially over larger windows and in kitchen or living spaces, the natural tones this look creates are great for people who want a place to retreat and relax in after working in an office all day.

One way to ensure the combination works is to be careful that the tones you use aren’t too dark or overpowering next to each other. For added warmth during winter, a thermal-lined blockout curtain that sits over your blinds can also provide the insulation you’re looking for.


Floral fabrics are another way to create a natural look and feel in your home; because if you’ve either lifted the carpet and struck gold or are looking to incorporate a wooden finish in your new project, there’s definitely a fabric that speaks to your style and personality.

Maharaja by James Dunlop

2 – Concrete floors

More common in new builds, concrete floors are modern, classy and easy to maintain. They’re quite literally a clean slate. So, when it comes to bringing your home to life, there are a few ways your curtains or blinds can do most of the work.

For a bold look, geometric fabrics such as those from James Dunlop can provide the pop you’re after. Or for something that complements the neutral tones of polished stone, a softer linen fabric could add some natural texture. Even sheer curtains and blinds work with concrete, providing a soft contrast against the hard floor in a complementing tone.

Our range of fabrics come in so many options, so whether you want something loud and colourful or simple, Scandi and understated, our in-home consultants are happy to show you every option available.

3 – Carpet accents and contrasts

Colour co-ordination can be tricky, but if you’re planning to hang curtains or fabric blinds such as rollers or romans then take a look around the rest of your room first. Note the colours of the walls and where they meet the floor in particular, because if you’ve got dark carpets then complementing them with a dark shade can create a snug, cosy environment.

As a rule of thumb, neutral tones work with every carpet. But if your skirting boards are white but the wall is a different colour, then it’s possible to find a fabric with subtle nods to both. This can help create a seamless transition between your floors and window coverings and lengthen the room they’re hung in.

Are you looking for curtains to match a feature wall? Check out this blog for more advice. < LINK https://www.russellscurtains.co.nz/guides-and-advice/finding-the-right-curtains-for-your-feature-wall/ >

Dream Weaver by James Dunlop

4 – Think about how everything will come together

Even if you’re starting from scratch and your new build is going to be filled with nothing but new furniture, window coverings and flooring are two key parts of the equation.

Wall colour also plays a huge part, so when you’re looking at flooring options be sure to compare fabric samples under different lights to see how everything could look once your project is completed.

Speaking of building from scratch, our style consultants are able to quote off plans and ensure your window coverings are measured, made and professionally hung in time for move-in day.

5 – Plan your budget

This is less of a style tip and more of a practical one, because nothing’s worse than getting halfway through a project and being stuck there. Or worse, being stuck without flooring, curtains or blinds where you really need them.

To help, we’ve put together an awesome budgeting guide that works in Excel and Google Sheets. The totals automatically update so you can see exactly how well you’re tracking. And depending on the scale of your project you can add or remove cells in no time.

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