5 ways to make a colour statement in a white room

Angela Wilson
Written by Angela Wilson
Russells Consultant
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Predominantly white or minimalistic décor is a popular look. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo any colour at all to keep the room looking, clean, simple and stylish. Whether you like your colour light and delicate or bold and exciting here are 5 ways to sprinkle it into your room to achieve a great effect.

Metallics and neutrals

Not all colour has to be ‘in your face’. Metallics add glamour, sheen and depth with the way light and reflections bounce off them. The trend du jour is brass; its slightly aged finish works well with both vintage and modern looks. Neutrals are also really versatile in a white room. Ensure you have multiple shades happening or you risk a very stark look.

Paint in surprising places

There’s something very playful yet considered and sophisticated about very bright but very subtle pops of colour in places you’re not expecting to see it, like inside cupboards and drawers or on the edges of doors. Get inspired by these examples.

Curtains and blinds

As curtains and blinds tend to be large accessories in a room they’re a great place to anchor any secondary colour scheme in your white room. Choosing a patterned fabric allows versatility as you can layer in multiple colours and shades. Check out this example of a floral print from James Dunlop Textiles. You can see how the shades of green and mauve filter into other accessories.

Astoria by Maurice Kain in Cardinal

Statement furniture

If you read our article on 2018’s hot home décor trends you’ll have seen statement furniture on the list. What a great investment and stunning centrepiece in a white or minimalistic room. This Button Pop Couch with its tiny dots of bright colour are just the ticket if you want to keep it subtle. You could also play matchmaker and commission a custom upholstered piece coordinated with your curtain fabric. Many of the fabric houses we work with do textiles for all interior decor applications.

Accent with your favourite colour

Just pick one. You obviously like things simple; you’ve chosen white as the main colour so why not continue this thinking with the colour accent you choose. Be sure to splash it around evenly so it draws the eye right around the room.

Nurture by Russells Designer Range

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